As you know, around here we love cartoon-style animation mixed with video. Aesthetically, think Who Framed Roger Rabbit and you’ll know what we mean.

To accomplish this, we often mix photorealistic (PBR) and cartoon (NPR) rendering styles in the same Blender scene and render that scene with Blender’s Cycles rendering engine.

Recently we’ve adopted Miguel Pozo’s incredible Blender Outline Material Node to power our toon style. You can read more about it here:

Unfortunately, because Blender does not provide any way to extend Cycles at runtime without sacrificing GPU acceleration, the Blender source code must be patched before being compiled. (OSL script nodes do not count here because they are incompatible with GPU acceleration.)

So until Blender officially supports the Outline Material Node (or a suitable replacement) we are providing patched builds of Blender 2.93 LTS for Linux x86_64 to compliment Miguel’s own Windows builds!


You can also take a look at our build scripts which we are using to create these downloads.


Would you like to help? Please join the discussion on developer.blender.org and let the Blender developers know that you need the Outline Material Node to be officially supported in Blender!